The Go Brazen Story



Go Brazen is sexy, saucy and bold apparel and accessories for women bikers and travelers who embrace life. Flaunt Those Curves! #GoBrazen

Do you have fabulous curves and a bold style? Why not dress for your figure and your personality? Go Brazen is figure-flattering apparel and accessories for you. Our clothing and accessories will put flounce in your bounce, sashay in your sway and a devilish gleam in your eyes. Whether you are biking, boating, traveling or just hanging out, look and feel colorful and confident. Don’t hide what you have! Flaunt it, ladies. Life is too short to be a baggy, boring dresser. 

Go Brazen founder Valerie Brigham started motorcycle riding a dozen years ago after a cancer scare and major surgery.  She began traveling the country, first solo and then with girlfriends who wanted to gain riding confidence and experience the adventure of the open road.  

More recently, after losing her job in Corporate America, Val decided to combine her love of fashion, motorcycles and retail experience. She bought a blinging machine, and Go Brazen, LLC was born!

Sturgis 2014 was the first big adventure for Val and her sister, Jennifer. 

We absolutely LOVE seeing the smiles and sassiness of all of our Go Brazen customers and friends.  There is something special that happens when Valerie's merchandise, lovingly created and chosen, adorns the curves, large or small, of our customers. We're curvy ladies, and we cater to ladiees who love to flaunt their Brazen Bombshell Curves.

Check us out for bandanas, scarves, headbands (Swarovski crystals used to adorn them all!). We also carry a fun line of tee shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved tees, zip and hoodie jackets, pants, halter tops, gloves and accessories.