Bandanas - Unique, Useful and Full of Go Brazen Bling!

Posted on Jan 30th 2016

Our bandanas are hand-made with love. We use genuine U.S.A. made bandanas for 99% of our designs, and then we affix unique centerpieces and Swarovski crystal embellishments.

Watch a video overview of bandanas, click HERE or the image below. 

Bandanas. They've been around for ages! Farmers, factory workers, cooks and more have used them as colorful and functional headwear. Go Brazen takes these iconic cotton scarves and puts a sassy fashion twist on them. Wear them biking, boating, working out, or just out and about. Choose from a rainbow of colors and designs. Valerie's custom designs are adorned with Swarovski crystals and many with unique centerpieces. From skulls to starfish, angel wings to American flags, you'll love the fashion statement they make. Great for gift giving, too!

The video shows a wide variety of the unique, colorful and Made in U.S.A. bandanas that Valerie designs and makes. Browse via the video. If you see something you love, note the time (for example :44 angel wing bandana, purple) and let us know. If it isn't in stock, we can make it for you!

All of our bandanas have Free Shipping! Check out the video--you can browse a wide variety of the Go Brazen Bandanas!