More Bling, More Beautiful Smiles

Posted on Feb 21st 2016

Meet Bombshell Brenda! 

Have you met Brenda? Just look at this girl! #GoBrazen! We chatted with her, and here is our conversation (and some awesome pictures!).

Brenda B. on her favorite ride. #GoBrazen!

Go Brazen: Why do you ride? 

Brenda B.: I ride for many things. Mainly I ride for relaxation. Riding provides me a stress release that is unlike anything I have ever found. It allows me to shut my mind off and not have any of the normal day-to-day thoughts going through my head. When I am on my bike all I can think of is how amazing life is. I feel like I am free! Besides relaxation/stress relief I ride for the camaraderie that biking has. The people you meet while riding are truly a breed of their own. I have yet to find one rider who is not friendly and willing to talk. Talking with complete strangers, I find out new rides to take, or amazing stories of what they have experienced. Some of my closest friends I have met while riding, and just saying hello. Riding has shown me that I am a strong woman no matter what life throws at me. And that I can handle anything!

Brenda loves working outStrong is sexy. #GoBrazen Brenda! Brenda works out!

GB: What inspires you to ride? 

BB: I am inspired to ride just for the fact that every ride is different. It does not matter if you travel the same road every single day; it is not the same ride. You see different things every time you get in the saddle. It is the knowing that you have control of your destiny.

GB: Who do you like to ride with? 

BB: I like riding with anyone who wants to ride. New or experienced riders, young or old. I like riding in groups, or with one other person. I am not fussy as long as we ride. My all-time favorite person would be my dad. He got me into riding and it is something that he and I will always share.

Brenda and her Dad love to ride motorcycle together. Brenda and her Dad

GB: How long have you been riding? 

BB: I purchased my first bike eight years ago. The first five years I put on about 2,000 miles. I was not a very confident rider and had not branched out. Then, one day I stopped at a bar and a stranger started talking to me about my bike. Next thing I knew I was riding with their group. From that point on I realized all I need to do is stop and talk! The past three years my bike and I have been inseparable.

GB: What makes you a BOMBSHELL? 

BB: I would say my carefree attitude. I am my own person and if someone does not like something I do or the way I look, well too bad for them. Who I am is important to me and I will not change because society wants me to. Some may say women should not ride their own bike. Well, guess what!?! We bombshells do and we will give attitude. I am finally comfortable in my skin and love the person I have become because of my motorcycle. AND I LOVE WEARING VALERIE’S BANDANAS. They give me my sass!

#Motorcycle #Bandana #BikerChick #GoBrazenA classic #GoBrazen #SkullBandana

GB: Aww, shucks :) Thank you Brenda. You are fabulous!

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Val in a mint bandana, also in kelly green

Watch this great customer video--oh the SMILES!

These beauties just glow, the smiles brighter than any bling we could add! What is their secret?  #GoBrazen